About Q&P, S.A

Q&P, S.A. is one of the leading distributors of raw materials for the Caribbean and Mid-America region.  We are the exclusive distributor of many manufacturers of Raw Materials from all over the world into this area.

Our Company

We supply raw materials for Coatings, Adhesives, Plastics, Cosmetics, Pharma, Packaging Industries and Printing Industries.

Our headquarters are located in Dominican Republic were we have a warehouse of 20,000 sqf. We have also distribution centers in Puerto Rico, Miami and Panama.

Our Region

We are doing business in Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Martinique, Guadalupe, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobaggo, Grenada, French Guyana, Suriname, British Guyana, Venezuela, Aruba, Curazao, Bonaire, Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Environment & Sustainability

Q&P, S.A. is a company created in 1993 to distribute chemicals, packaging solutions and solutions for general industry locally on each of the Caribbean islands. In its first year of existence and to check the importance to have started in the industry in general and especially in the chemical industry. In the first three years of its existence Terrachem get to create a significant added value as a supplier of raw materials in the paint industry, plastics and packaging solutions for general industry sales reaching over quickly exceed seven digits in U.S. Dollars .

Gradually we established Terrachem, SA as initial project and beginning to make expansion plans being created the following subsidiaries:

♦ Terrachem, S.A. established in 2001 in the Dominican Republic and distribution for Dom Rep. and Haiti.

♦ Terrachem, Inc. established in 2006 in New York as U.S. Shopping company.

♦ Terrachem Iberica in Spain established in 2007 as manager of shopping in Europe.

♦ Terrachem, Inc. established in 2008 in Puerto Rico as a distributor for Puerto Rico.

In 2009 we consolidated our goal more, covering distribution in the major Caribbean islands where we have become even more in the following sectors:

• Raw Materials for Paints.

• Raw Materials for Plastics.

• Raw Materials and Materials Fiberglass industry.

• Adhesives for Industry.

• graphic printing inks.

• Additives for cement, concrete and construction.

• Racks for Industry.

• Equipment for General Industry.

The growth of our company has been constant and always based on the following factors under which we select our suppliers:

1. Product Selection and Quality Suppliers recognized worldwide.

2. Constancy meet the demand and interest of our suppliers to do business in the region.

3. Fidelity to our brands.

4. Availability, service and delivery.

5 Certifications of Quality and Brand reconociemiento internationally.

The experience we have gained in Terrachem is continually put to the test by our customers who support us with their respect and business legacy. During these years we have matured in our business getting the support of our customers / friends who have rewarded us with their ongoing assessment bringing the appropriate value in their logistic chain.

We at Terrachem, we recognized that the trust of our customers is an incredible opportunity and we know that the only way is to make transactions without having greater motivation excellence that this partnership with our customers.​


C./5 esq. C/18, Nave IV

Villa Aura, Manoguayabo

Santo Domingo Oeste, DN 10901

Dominican Republic

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